The Security Journey platform provides two different ways for you as a Dojo Admin to send a message to your learners: via the Latest Changes and a Banner.

Latest Changes

Learners access the Latest Changes using the informational icon on the menu bar. You can create a custom message and have it show up here. The informative icon will turn green when there is a new message for the learner to view. Note, Security Journey uses the Latest Changes to send updates to learners about new content as it is released on the platform and provide status notices for any planned downtime. Your message may be interspersed with another notification from us.


From the Dojo Admin, you can add the latest change and edit existing latest change messaging under Latest Changes.



With the Banner option, you as a Dojo Admin can provide a title and message for your learners, and they will see the news on the next login on a banner at the top of the screen. When they x off the banner, they will never see it again. The banner appears light blue when displayed in the admin interface and gray when shown on the map.


You can add a single banner message at a time using the Banner page within the Dojo Admin.


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