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Let’s say you have a C++ Green Belt and a Docker Green Belt learning path. As an admin, you can now assign the proper training path to the correct audience.

This feature will limit participants to only the content they are meant to absorb.

Strict Assignments

Strict Assignments must be enabled in settings, users added to assignments will only see their assigned path. The dropdown menu at the top of the page is not visible, and the map opens the assigned path for the user.

It’s important to note that a user should only be added to one assignment per level when strict assignment mode is enabled.

If assigned to multiple paths on different levels, the user will be enrolled and have access to the lowest level path first. Once complete, the next assigned path will be opened.

Users who are not added to an assignment will see the full path selector dropdown and can move through all the available paths and levels.

NOTE: Once a user completes the assignment(s) in their assigned pathway(s), the user will have access to all content.

IMPORTANT - Strict Assignment feature must NOT be turned off once enabled. Contact Security Journey Support at if you need further assistance.

Activating Assignment

Once the group and users are assigned, make the Assignment active by turning on the Activate Assignment option. Then click Save Changes.

Assignment Reports

Assignment Progress Reports are available under the Reports section of the admin console. The report can be downloaded as a .csv for analysis.

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