The Security Journey brown & black belts are all about performing activities to improve security inside your company.

  • What can you do to improve security?

  • Could you teach a lunchtime session for other developers about security?

  • Could you build a new security feature?

  • Could you do a threat model of something you're working on?

The field is endless as far as specific things you could do. You can use the activity system to create activities, and then journal your progress towards completing them.

When you feel you have enough evidence to prove what you've done, then submit the activity to us for review and judgment. One point is equivalent to one hour of time spent on an activity of your choosing. It is 100 points (100 hours) to achieve a Brown Belt and an additional 150 points (150 hours) to achieve Black Belt, for a total of 250 points.

When you complete an activity, you will submit it for review to our Black Belt Specialists. They will review your activity for judgment.

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