What is HackEDU Rewards?

HackEDU Rewards is an incentive program that allows Learners to earn or win gift cards or crypto currency by successfully completing their HackEDU training.

How to Redeem?

Learners will have the opportunity to redeem their gift card or crypto currency after successfully completing their assigned training plan. For more information check out this article.


Q. Can HackEDU rewards be redeemed by international learners?

A. At this time, gift card rewards is for US learners only. Crypto rewards are available internationally. We are working on internationalization of gift cards and it is on our Platform roadmap, tentatively scheduled to be delivered sometime in the second half of 2022 (subject to change).

Q. How is crypto redeemed for our Rewards, do they need to connect wallets etc.

A. The learner would be ask to provide a wallet address.

Q. If a learner is enrolled in two training plans, would they have to complete both before they are eligible to redeem their HackEDU Rewards?

A. The learner needs to complete all of their assigned training before they are eligible to redeem their Reward.

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