Data from integration saved in HackEDU

First we make a request to to get a list of programs your token has access to. We only save the name, id and code of the targets you select in the integration process.

"id": "4427330a-bebc-41c0-b01d-5f7c8d339a2",
"type": "program",
"attributes": {
"code": "hackedutest-ay1rx",
"name": "HackEDU"

Each time the sync process is run we make an api call to this endpoint:, requesting data only from the programs that you selected in the integration process. The full response from this request is saved.

"id": "59798d32-edc3-477b-9603-d407bb084245",
"type": "submission",
"attributes": {
"bug_url": null,
"custom_fields": {},
"description": "SQL Injection in login form from home page."
"duplicate": false,
"extra_info": null,
"http_request": null,
"remediation_advice": null,
"researcher_email": null,
"source": "api",
"submitted_at": "2018-11-13T20:20:39.000Z",
"title": "SQL Injection",
"vrt_id": "other",
"vrt_version": "1.9",
"vulnerability_references": null,
"severity": 1,
"state": "unresolved"
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