Data from integration saved in HackEDU

First we make a request to /api/v1/targets to get a list of targets your token has access to. We only save the description and address of the targets you select in the integration process.

"targets": [
"address": "",
"continuous_mode": "[REDACTED]",
"criticality": "[REDACTED]",
"default_scanning_profile_id": "[REDACTED]",
"deleted_at": "[REDACTED]",
"description": "Name Of Target",
"fqdn": "[REDACTED]",
"fqdn_hash": "[REDACTED]",
"last_scan_date": "[REDACTED]",
"last_scan_id": "[REDACTED]",
"last_scan_session_id": "[REDACTED]",
"last_scan_session_status": "[REDACTED]",
"manual_intervention": "[REDACTED]",
"scan_authorization": "[REDACTED]",
"severity_counts": "[REDACTED]",
"target_id": "[REDACTED]",
"threat": "[REDACTED]",
"type": "[REDACTED]",
"verification": "[REDACTED]"

Each time the sync process is run we make an api call to this endpoint: api/v1/vulnerabilities, requesting data only from the targets that you selected in the integration process. The full response from this request is saved.

"vulnerabilities": [
"affects_detail": "",
"affects_url": "",
"app": "ovas",
"archived": false,
"confidence": 0,
"continuous": true,
"criticality": 10,
"issue_id": null,
"last_seen": "2020-11-05T00:22:55.263518+00:00",
"severity": 0,
"status": "open",
"tags": [
"target_description": "Some TargetName",
"target_id": "Target ID",
"vt_created": null,
"vt_id": "ID",
"vt_name": "SSL/TLS: Hostname discovery from server certificate",
"vt_updated": null,
"vuln_id": "1293812932197381"
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