You can find data on completion, proficiency, challenges, and full user progress through your Admin dashboard under Reports & Certificates → Reports. You will find filter options for these reports on the top right of the platform.

You also have the ability to download these reports through the download button in the top right corner of the platform


Certificates of completion can be downloaded for the OWASP Top 10 module in two ways; by user or team. If you want to download an individual certificate for each user, you can do so by going to Users through your Admin dashboard, selecting the user by email, and then selecting the “Download Certificate” button. This will guide you through entering your user’s name and then downloading a certificate of completion for that user only.

If you would like to download a certificate that lists all members of a team who completed the OWASP Top 10, you can do so by Reports & Certificates through your Admin dashboard, selecting “Certificates (PDF)”, choosing your time and team parameters, then selecting “Download Certificate.” This options will create one certificate with a consolidated list of the users within your parameters that have completed the OWASP Top 10 course.


The Activity tab will show you the history of your email reminders including when your notifications last went out last, how many users they went to and by selecting “See Details,” you can see specifically which users received them.

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