Training Plans can be created for Individuals, Teams, and Organizations. We offer four recommended plans - Adaptive, the OWASP Top 10, OWASP API Top 10, and the Secure Development Training Plan. You can choose to Clone one of our recommended Plans to customize it to fit your needs.

Secure Development Training Plan

Adaptive Training Plans

Customized Training Plans

Important Notes on Training Plans

Hide Unassigned Training: If you choose to assign the OWASP Top 10 or a custom Training Plan to start, you may wish to hide the remaining lessons in the Platform so that your Users only have access to the Lessons assigned to them. You can easily control this in Settings → Content, Slider for “Show All Training”

Hide Coding Challenges: Similarly, if you want to hide the Coding Challenges until you are ready to create competitions or assign them as a part of Training Plans, you may hide them from your Users as well.

For more information on Gamification, click here.

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