If you prefer that the HackEDU Platform invite your Users to join, you can add users manually or via a .CSV upload in the Users tab Admin → Users → +Add Users. You will find a sample .CSV form found below or accessed here.

If you would like the Platform to send your Users an onboarding email, make sure to select “Send onboarding email to imported users.” If you would like to share a personalized email with the onboarding link, make sure this box is unchecked.

Sample .CSV Template

CSV Format

The CSV format has four columns:

  • EMAIL (string)


  • TEAMS (list of strings)


If the ADMIN column is True, the user will have admin privileges for your organization.

The TEAMS column is a comma separated list of team names to add the user to. If the team doesn't exist yet, it will be created automatically.

If the LICENSE column is True and there are licenses available for your org, they will be assigned an open license.





Onboarding via Email/Password

Alternatively, we have a link you can share if you would like to onboard your Users via email/password. You can find the invite link for email/password on-boarding in Admin → Settings → General. We have included a couple of email templates to help introduce HackEDU to your team to HackEDU as their secure development training platform for the year. You can also use this link if you a user did not receive an invite email.

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