Log in to your Google Admin Console, and click "Apps".

Click "SAML apps".

Click "Add App" and "Add Custom SAML App".

Type "HackEDU" for App name and click "Continue".

Download Metadata file and click "Continue".

Use the following values for the "Service provider details":

ACS URL: https://auth.hackedu.com/saml2/idpresponse

Entity ID: urn:amazon:cognito:sp:us-east-1_CHi5tsM8X

Start URL: https://app.hackedu.com/login?domain=example.com

Use the following values for "Name ID":

Name ID format: EMAIL

Name ID: Basic Information > Primary email

Set up team attribute mapping (optional). Learn more about auto-provisioning HackEDU Teams via SSO here:


Click Finish.

Now upload your metadata file in the HackEDU Admin Dashboard.

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