If you are using Okta, you can automatically group users into HackEDU Teams based on a parameter in Okta.  This could be something like your Active Directory "division" or "department".

All you need to do is map the SSO Attribute you use to group users to TeamName in the SAML assertion.

Step 1: Configure Profile Mapping

Click on the Sign On tab, and then click "Configure profile mapping".

Click "Cancel" to close the modal.

Click "Add Attribute", and enter "TeamName" for the Display name and Variable name, and click "Save".

Click Mappings, and then "Okta User to HackEDU".  Then choose an attribute to map to TeamName.



If the TeamName attribute is seen in the SAML assertion, we will automatically put that user on that team.  If the team doesn't exist, we will create one automatically, and it will be assigned the Training Plan marked as "Default".

You can learn more about teams here:

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