Changing to Popout Mode

Above your sandbox application, you will see the Proxy Bar, with a button called Popout Mode (see screenshot below).

Clicking this button will toggle you between Popout and Single Window modes.

Why use Popout Mode?

Third Party Cookies

Some of our lessons utilize cookies as part of the sandboxes functionality (as part of the authentication process, for example).  We use real applications for our sandboxes, and those applications are shown through an iframe in our default Single Window Mode.  If your browser is blocking "Third Party Cookies", it will block access to these sandbox cookies and in some cases break the application.

Using Popout Mode will allow your browser to set these cookies properly.

Direct Sandbox Access

Using Popout Mode also gives you easy access to the full sandbox URL, which can make it easier to explore the application in some lessons or challenges.

Personal Preference

And of course, some people just prefer the layout of Popout Mode, especially when using larger monitors!

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