There are seven types of reports you can generate in the Admin Dashboard:

  • CSV Download

  • Certificate (PDF)

  • Complete Training Report

  • Incomplete Training Report

  • Proficiency Report

  • Challenge Report

  • Custom Report

These reports are accessible by clicking the Reports & Certificates menu in your Admin Dashboard:

CSV Download

Click the  "CSV Download" button.

Select the lessons you want included in the report and click the blue "Download report" button.

This will download a CSV with all users and the lessons you select with either a completion date or blank for each developer.

Certificate (PDF)

Clicking on the Certificate (PDF) button will download a PDF Certificate with the email addresses of all users who have completed the OWASP Top 10 lessons.  This can be used as proof of training for compliance.

Complete Training Report

The Complete Training Report displays a list of all users who have completed all of their assigned training.

Incomplete Training Report

This report shows a list of all users who have not completed their assigned training.

Proficiency Report

The Proficiency Report shows a list of users and their proficiency level in each vulnerability category. You can toggle the different proficiency levels at the top of the report to filter the vulnerability categories in the report for each user.

Challenge Report

The Challenge Report shows a list of users who have completed challenges, and the date they were completed.

Custom Report

If you click the "Custom" button, you have a few additional options.

You can find users who have completed, or have not completed selected lessons.  This can be done by individual team or across your entire organization.

The results of advanced reports will show up in a table after clicking the blue "Run Report" button.

You can change the report by clicking the "Edit Report" button, which keeps all of the previous values pre-populated in the report form.

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