Team Creation

Log in to your admin account, and click "Admin" in the top navigation to get to your admin dashboard.

Click "Teams" in the left menu, then click "Create Team" on the top right.

Type a Team Name and select the Training Plan to assign to the team.  This Training Plan will automatically be assigned to any users on this team, so you can assign different lessons to different users.

Adding Users to Teams

Click on the name of the Training Plan.

Click on Add Users, and then either search for a user under the "Email" section of the Add User modal, or upload a CSV.

And click "Invite Teammates" next to the user you want to add to the team.

Remove User From Team

Click on the Edit button next to any users you want to remove from the team, and click either the Edit button next to the team you'd like to remove, or click the Change Teams link.

Automatically manage teams with SSO

This article will help you set up automatic team management with your SSO provider:

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