Login to your admin account and click "Admin" in the top navigation to get to your Admin Dashboard.

Click Training Plans in the left menu.

If this is your first time editing Training Plans, you will only see the "Secure Development Training" and "OWASP Top 10" plans.

Click "Create Custom Plan" to create a new one.

Please Note: When you add a custom plan, this will change the lessons that users first see when they login to their dashboards!

Organization Plan vs Team Plan

There are two types of plans you can create - an Organization Plan or a Team Plan.  Organization Plans are available to all users in your organization, so you can use this as a default for your entire organization or if you're not using teams.

Team plans are tied directly to a team and are only accessible for users belong to the team which it is assigned.

Give your plan a title and description.

The "Default Plan" option has two uses:

  • It will be the default plan that users will be assigned if they are not part of a team (Teams have a training plan associated with them, so any user that is part of a team will automatically get assigned that training plan)
  • It will be the default plan that gets assigned to teams created programmatically through our SSO integration.  You can learn more about this here.

Your organization can only have one default plan.

If you check the "Send Reminders" option on this page, we will send out periodic reminders to any of your users who have not yet completed the training.  We will also send all "Admins" a summary email after the last phase of your training is complete. You will have to give the different phases of your plan start and end dates in the next step for reminders to work.

Add Training Phase

Click Next, and you will see a form for creating the first Training Phase.  If you do not want to break up your training into various phases, just add all of the training you want in your plan into this first Training Phase.

Give your Training Phase a title, description, start date, and end date.  The start date and end date are used for training reminders if you turned that feature on for this training plan.

Then drag and drop whatever lessons you want to include in this phase from the box on the left under "Choose Lessons" into the box on the right called "Selected Lessons".  You can always drag lessons back to the left box if you change your mind.

Once you have selected the lessons you want in this first phase, click "Save".

Edit Training Plan

Now that your training plan is set up, you can continue to add phases by clicking the blue "Add Training Phase" button.  You can also edit the plan details by clicking the "Edit" button on the top right of the page, or edit the phase details by clicking the Edit button the phase.

Deleting Plans or Phases
To delete either an entire plan or an individual plan phase, click on the respective Edit button and then click the link to "Delete Training Plan" or "Delete Training Phase" next to the "Save Changes" button.

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