OneLogin is an enterprise identity management and single sign-on service that integrates with applications in the cloud, on-premises, or on a mobile device. This documentation describes how to configure a single sign-on partnership between OneLogin as the Identity Provider (IdP) and the Single Sign-On Service (SSO) for HackEDU as the Service Provider (SP).

All SSO communication takes place over TLS/SSL.


To integrate OneLogin with HackEDU, you need:


  • HackEDU User Licenses

  • Enterprise Account with SSO enabled


  • OneLogin Account

  • A user with Application Admin privileges

Configure OneLogin

1. Login to OneLogin as an Administrator and go to APPS from the top menu and click ADD APP.

2. Search for cognito under Find Applications and click AWS Cognito

3. Enter HackEDU for Display Name

4. Download this logo for the Rectangular Icon, and this icon for the Square Icon.

5. Click Save

5. Click the Configuration tab and enter the following values:

SAML Audience: urn:amazon:cognito:sp:us-east-1_CHi5tsM8X
Login URL:

Replace YOURDOMAIN.COM with the domain you use for email (this domain must be approved by HackEDU - let us know if you need a different domain than the one that was setup during your onboarding).

6. Click the Parameters tab and click Add parameter

7. Enter Email as the Field name and check the Include in SAML assertion. Click Save

8. Select Email for the Value parameter and click SAVE

9. Click Save on the App

10. Add user assignments

Automatically Sync Teams to HackEDU (optional)

If you want to automatically sync Teams from your SSO provider to HackEDU, follow these instructions.

Configure HackEDU

  1. Click the MORE ACTIONS button and then SAML Metadata

2. You can follow the instructions on this page to update your Metadata URL in the HackEDU Admin Dashboard.

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