Okta Overview

Okta is an enterprise identity management and single sign-on service that integrates with applications in the cloud, on-premises, or on a mobile device. This documentation describes how to configure a single sign-on partnership between Okta as the Identity Provider (IdP) and the Single Sign-On Service (SSO) for HackEDU as the Service Provider (SP).

All SSO communication takes place over TLS/SSL.


To integrate Okta with HackEDU, you need:


  • HackEDU User Licenses

  • Enterprise Account with SSO enabled


  • Okta, version 2016.07 or later

  • A user with Application Admin privileges

Configure Okta

1. Login to Okta as an Administrator and go to Applications from the top menu.

2. Click Add Application

3. Search for HackEDU and click Add

4. Follow the instructions in Okta's documentation here:

Common Errors

If you are seeing the following error, you are probably trying to login from the Okta Dashboard (IdP initiated auth flow) without setting up an Okta Bookmark App:

Invalid samlResponse or relayState from identity provider

HackEDU doesn't support IdP flows, but they can be simulated by following the last step of Okta's documentation for our integration here:


Automatically Sync Teams to HackEDU (optional)

If you want to automatically sync Teams from your SSO provider to HackEDU, follow these instructions.

Upload Okta Metadata File

Copy the Identity Provider metadata link on the Sign On tab of the Application.

You can follow the instructions on this page to update your Metadata URL in the HackEDU Admin Dashboard.

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